a dire il vero io volevo solo stare bene

You know, it’s really, really good to finally meet someone who gets it. Who gets… who gets me.

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Chris Evans has been known to grab people’s left boob, so my question for both of you is have you ever had your left boob grabbed by Chris Evans? (x)

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You’re kind of like the second leading female on [Orphan Black]. I’m actually… I’m like the ninth.

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"I think I’m surprisingly different in real life than what people expect or what people project on to me. I’m not actually that awkward, I don’t think. I think people see me as this sarcastic person that doesn’t care about anything. But, on the contrary, I’m pretty emotional and sensitive and I care a lot about things and people. I think in moments where the spotlight is on me — like if I’m doing a talk show — my defenses come into play and maybe that’s why people see me that way. But, I think my sarcasm is often a way for me to get through those moments. I mean, if you came over to my house, I’d make you a cup of tea and be probably really interested in you."

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Katie McGrath and Natalie Dormer’s ice bucket challenge! [x]

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